Day of Action


On Wednesday January 28th YOU have the opportunity to be a part of a coordinated DAY OF ACTION to spread the word about FOCA.  Thousands of other people will be participating in this event!

1. Educate Yourself – Watch the video below and read the linked document and articles.

2. Educate Your Friends – Use what you’ve learned to educate all those in your circle of influence.

3. Download the Day of Action Checklist – Use this as a step-by-step guide to hosting an SFLI Activism Day on your campus.

4. Use Activism Materials – Download fliers below and use the Day of Action Checklist to effectively spread the word about FOCA.

The more people who know about FOCA, the more there will be to oppose it!  YOU can STOP FOCA by participating in this Day of Action and signing up for e-mail Action Alerts!

We have provided the following materials for you to use to spread the word about how terrible FOCA is!  Please download, print and distribute them!

What The FOCA?! Full Page Posters*

What The FOCA?! Half Page Handouts*

WTF?! Mini Handouts*

What The FOCA?! Day of Action Checklist

*By downloading these materials you agree to post them and use them in a lawful manner. is not responsible for your unlawful use of our materials. – If you downloaded any of these fliers before 1-20-2009, please re-download the fliers. There was an error that was fixed.

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This page will be updated frequently with more information on how to have an effective Day of Action and with materials to use to spread the word on FOCA every day!

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