Prevention First Act

The Prevention First Act will:

  • Make Title X (family planning) a permanent program and fund it at $700 million or more.
  • Mandate that health insurance programs that cover prescriptions must cover abortifacient contraceptives.
  • Create a government program to push abortifacient “Emergency Contraception.”
  • Take all federal money away from any hospital that refuses to administer the abortifacient Emergency Contraception to victims of rape.
  • Create additional massive government funding for Planned Parenthood style sex education programs.
  • Permanently include ‘family planning services’ as part of the Medicaid program.

How do you reduce abortions by funding them??? What The FOCA?!

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5 Responses to Prevention First Act

  1. Adam Morse says:

    It’s amazing that this “Prevention First” act, which I’m sure is designed to help reduce pregnancies, has so much involvement with the morning after pill, which would abort the baby AFTER the pregnancy has occurred! Such backward language these Democrats use.

  2. Jamie Rucker says:

    Harry Reid would sponsor a bill like this. I agree, how does distributing morning after pills prevent pregnancies? yes, it does end them but does not prevent them.

    Does anyone know how much money this bill is calling for and how much support it has?

  3. Kira Jannusch says:

    Our definition of pregnancy is different from the medical definition, which is why they say it will prevent pregnancies. I just called the plan b information line and was connected to a nurse that said “pregnancy” is defined as implantation. So, if a newly fertilized egg is prevented from implanting, it is considered to be a prevented pregnancy, not an ended one.

  4. pete says:

    Some of the logic in the bill is interesting. 50% of the unintentioned pregnancies are with women not using prevention. Does that mean that 50% of unintentioned pregnancies are with women using prevention? Also, it says that women who have unplanned pregnancies have a greater chance of being abused. Does that mean that the abuser boyfriend is a nice guy to non-pregnant women? There are many false logic statements and many assumptions and statements without basis. I think if people actually read this and FOCA, and understand how poorly logic is used, they may very well become pro-life. Be critical of what you read, don’t just accept it.

  5. Margot says:

    Lord, Have Mercy on our Country. In the Name Of Your Divine Son Jesus Stop the slaughter of your children. We pray for the radical conversion of our President Obama in the name of JESUS. amen

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